JC150 - Rugged Single-Axis Joystick Controller

Product Brand: Penny & Giles

The JC150 single-axis joystick controller is designed for demanding operator control applications in off-highway vehicles and other human-machine interfaces (HMI), where lever strength, signal reliability, and grip  functionality are important.

  • Single-axis control with spring-to-center or friction hold action
  • Sealed above the panel to IP65
  • Rugged design
  • Center lever lock and detent options
  • Range of multi-function grips
  • Superb proportional control with analog and switched outputs
  • Choice of track resistance values and output ranges
  • Long operational life 
  • Standard AMP automotive connector

The joystick is supplied with a long-life, conductive plastic potentiometer track and directional/center off or end switches to provide signals for sensing lever direction and fault detection. The JC150´s compact size, high lever strength and superb proportional control are ideal for applications which include operator controls on a wide range of off-highway vehicles, including cranes, loaders, excavators, access platforms, tractors and harvesters.

The JC150 can be specified with a choice of handles and multifunction grips to increase the functionality of the operator controls. With a choice of push buttons, trigger grips, proportional and switched rockers in a variety of different configurations, users can match their handle selection to suit their unique application. A center or end locking handle is also available to provide a mechanical safety lock – eliminating unwanted movement of the lever.

With a choice of potentiometer tracks that provide the analog signals proportional to lever movement, the JC150 can be configured to provide a range of output signals, directional/center or end switching functions, spring to center or friction hold lever movement and seven different handle styles. The JC150’s rectangular profile below the panel allows a number of joysticks to be mounted side by side. All electrical signals terminate in a single AMP 040 multi-lock connector on the base, reducing installation time.

If you require a similar single-axis joystick controller, but with contactless sensing technology that allows increased operational life, please consider our JC1500 Rugged Single-Axis Contactless Joystick.

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