Safe Bus - Shift-By-Wire Shift Selector

Product Brand: Arens Controls

School districts nationwide are focusing on ways to improve the safety of students being transported to and from school, regardless of whether the school buses are district owned and operated or managed by a private contractor.

One of the most significant advancements in student safety is the development of the Arens Safe Bus transmission control system. This unique solid-state electronic shift control allows the integration of several vital functions into one push-button operation.

As the school bus operator approaches each stop, the driver activates the amber warning lights which arm the SBW Safe Bus system. Once stopped, the operator activates the system via the door control. The system automatically shifts the transmission to neutral, activates the parking brake, the red flashing lights and allows the door to open. Once the students have safely entered the bus, the operator releases the parking brake and presses drive. In addition to these functions, the Safe Bus system can be programmed to integrate with other features such as wheelchair lifts, swing arms, and door safety locks.

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