DTT - Programmer & Diagnostic Tool

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

Programming for R-net, newVSI, VR2, nVR2 and C3

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Brea, CA
T: +1.714.982.1860

São Carlos, Brazil
T: +55.16.2107.8745


Christchurch, UK
T: +44.1202.034000


Shanghai, China
(Industrial Controllers)
T: +86.21.3331.0670

Taipei, Taiwan
(Medical Mobility)
T: +886.2.2778.1900

T: +65.6705.6714

Rest of World

Christchurch, UK

  • Color LCD
  • Intuitive to use
  • Live programming
  • Troubleshooting
  • File transfer and storage
  • Field upgradeable

The DTT provides comprehensive, yet simple and intuitive programming. We will offer future upgrades for our most recent mobility control systems, as well as some of our industrial products.

In addition to being a powerful programming tool, the DTT not only provides convenient transfer of programming files between different vehicles, but also to and from PCs.

  • Files can be read from the controller and then saved to the DTT's own memory.
  • Files can be read from the controller and saved to a memory stick connected to the DTT's USB port.
  • Files can be transferred from a memory stick to the DTT, then written to the controller.
  • Files can be created or stored on a PC, then transferred directly to the DTT via the USB link.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Extensive diagnostic facilities offer efficient and effective vehicle troubleshooting, and even allow system error log files to be inspected, stored and then transferred to a PC for more detailed analysis. There is also a suite of test and monitor menus, which allow system variables, such as voltage or current, to be read in real-time.

DTT Programmer