Access - Aerial Work Platform Control System

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

Access is an integrated system to control the entire functionality of Aerial Work Platforms including traction, direction and lift/lower speeds.

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  • 150A hydraulic pump motor output
  • Dual 120A traction motor outputs
  • Proportional lift/lower control of platform
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
  • Multi-lingual, on-board programming
  • Internal tilt sensor
  • Alarm, beacon and horn outputs.

Access is an integrated aerial work control system to control the entire functionality of aerial work platforms including variable lift, lower and traction. The three modules of the system are connected simply and easily to enhance machine capability and reduce installation errors.

The Access Control System consists of a minimum of three modules as follows:

The Joystick Module (JSM)

The JSM enables selection between drive and lift/lower at the touch of a button, then precise positioning of the platform is achieved by variable joystick control.

The Joystick Interface Module (JIM)

If a larger, external joystick and user switches are preferred, then the Joystick Interface Module provides all the connections to these, while still providing the same display functions as the Joystick Module. The electronics are 'potted' for maximum environmental protection and the integrated gasket ensures the panel into which the module is fitted remains fully water-proofed.

The Traction Module

The Traction Module has two 120A peak variable speed outputs for permanent magnet motors, plus two associated outputs for electromagnetic brakes. The module connects to the Ground Control Module via a serial link, for simple, hassle free wiring.

The Ground Module

This forms the hub of the connection system, simplifying the wiring harness. This module connects directly to the system batteries and provides the high current, variable speed output for the hydraulic pump motor along with the lower current outputs such as a variable down valve, alarm, horn and beacon. All input switch wiring for pothole switches, elevation or auxiliary inputs is also connected here to ease servicing of external parts.

The Ground Module features On-Board Programming(OBP), to allow service engineers and OEMs to adjust parameters and view information for all three system modules without the need for additional hand-held or PC programming tools. OBP is accessed via a key press sequence on start-up, the level of access allowed is determined by the passcode sequence entered and is customisable for each OEM's requirements. Entering the service engineer passcode allows editing of a limited number of functions only, whilst the OEM passcode allows editing of all system parameters.

The large, backlit LCD provides comprehensive diagnostic reporting, and can be configured via the OBP to display this information in any of the following languages:

English     -     Chinese     -     Japanese     -     German
French     -     Dutch     -     Spanish     -     Portuguese
Swedish    -     Finnish

Under normal operation the LCD screen shows battery gauge and total hours run.


Since all systems are connected directly to the Ground Module, text and diagnostics icons clearly indicate if any of the machine's components have malfunctioned.


The built-in tilt sensor can report live data directly to the screen. The sensor can be zeroed effortlessly, at the touch of a button, on the production line prior to the shipment of the machine.


An OBP screen provides a simple, intuitive user interface for OEMs and Service Engineers to adjust machine-specific, programmable parameters.

Product Codes:
Access JSM Generic Joystick Module
Access JIM Generic Joystick Interface Module
Access GM European 150A Hydraulic Drive Ground Module with European Language set
Access GM Oriental 150A Hydraulic Drive Ground Module with Oriental Language set
Access PM100 100A Traction Drive
Access PM120 120A Traction Drive