C3pump - AC/DC Combination Motor Control

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

Combination motor controller, combines 200/250A AC traction drive with 330A DC pump drive.

An Integrated and Cost-Effective AC/DC Motor Controller For Stacker Trucks

  • 200Arms and 250Arms traction power options
  • 330Adc series motor pump drive
  • 2 x 2A Proportional Valve outputs
  • 2 x 2A Solenoid Valve outputs
  • 2A Electro-magnetic Brake output
  • 2A Line Contactor output
  • 2A Horn output
  • 2 x Analogue inputs
  • 8 x Switch inputs
  • CAN Tiller compatible
  • Safety-critical, programmable Belly-Button input
  • Programmable lift/lower speeds and rates
  • Software interlocking of traction and hydraulics
  • RoHS compliant

Combines 200/250A AC Traction drive with 330A DC Pump drive

The C3pump AC/DC motor controller, which offers a combination motor controller, AC traction and DC pump controller drives, is an extension of PGDT’s high-performing, compact and cost-effective C3 family, but with all the specialist features needed for efficient and precise control of modern day stacker trucks.

Product Codes:
C3pump-200 200Arms traction drive + 330Adc pump drive
C3pump-250 250Arms traction drive + 330Adc pump drive


C3pump ac/dc motor control
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