Williams Controls

Williams Controls products comprise: electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic throttle controls, configurable joysticks, adjustable pedal systems, sensors, hand controls, and armrest systems.

The products are the legacy of the Williams Controls company founded in 1937 and acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 2012.

Williams Controls

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From humble beginnings in 1937, when Norman C. Williams founded Williams Controls, Inc. in Portland, Oregon. The first of his many inventions was a vacuum water valve designed to cool the brake drums of logging trucks and trailers. In the following years, Williams Controls expanded the company's product line to include various other pneumatic devices, such as exhaust braking systems and air brake controls.

In 1962 Williams Controls introduced its first pneumatic throttle control system that was designed to replace long, complex mechanical linkages. Williams Controls pneumatic-controlled throttle assemblies then became standard in the domestic bus market. Williams Controls expanded this product line, developing a hydraulic throttle control system for heavy off-highway equipment.

In the 1970's Norm Williams sold his interest in the company and it was taken public in 1989.

In the mid-'80s, the first electronically controlled diesel engines were introduced to meet requirements for increased efficiency and lower emissions. Williams Controls, working closely with both engine and vehicle manufacturers, designed the first electronic throttle control in 1987. The company quickly became the world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic throttle controls for trucks and buses.

In the '90s Williams Controls continued its market leadership in electronic throttle controls for trucks and buses. Williams Controls also quickly moved to a leadership position in off-road markets with major construction equipment makers adopting Williams Controls electronic throttle controls.

Williams Controls began producing sensors for it throttle controls systems in 2005. This allowed Williams Controls to quickly respond to customer design requests with the most advanced, cost effective and reliable technology available.

In 2005 Williams Controls opened strategic sales and customer service centers in Munich, Germany and Shanghai, China to pursue the growth opportunities in these significant markets for our products.

That same year Williams Controls opened a state of the art 63,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China to support its Chinese customer base, globalize its sourcing activities and respond to customer requests for emerging market manufacturing.

In 2011, the international footprint and capacity grew for Williams Controls once again, with the completion of a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Pune, India. Certifications for both TS 16949 and ISO 14001 were awarded for this facility and remain in place there, as well as all other global locations where Williams Controls products are manufactured.

Leveraging over 75 years of experience in vehicle controls, the Williams Controls products offers a family of solutions including: electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic throttle controls, configurable joysticks, adjustable pedal systems, sensors, hand controls, and armrest systems.

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