Hand Controls

Our range of rotary and lever hand controls are suitable for commercial vehicle applications for both on- and off-highway use. These include construction and agricultural vehicles, material handling and other specialty vehicles.

Our rotary hand control is environmentally protected allowing it to be mounted inside or outside the cab. It provides an electrical signal proportional to the rotation of the ergonomic knob, with a friction-hold feature allowing the operator to set speed or direction and then focus on steering or other machine/vehicle functions.

Our range of lever hand controls include:

  • Single- and dual-axis self-centering mechanical levers for push-pull control of cables and rod linkages operating hydraulic valves.
  • Single-axis friction-hold mechanical levers for cable operation in hydraulic and hydrostatic systems.
  • Single-axis electronic lever hand control with friction-hold feature.
  • All levers have a choice of handles and grips, which can also be supplied as separate products for attachment to OEM mechanical levers.