Joystick Controls

Our joystick controls are suitable for commercial vehicle applications for both on- and off-highway use. These include construction and agricultural vehicles, material handling and other specialty vehicles. They are also suitable for use with industrial equipment such as robotics.

Our range of finger-operated joystick controllers are designed for the smooth, precise control of critical functions in a variety of industrial applications where a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is required. Available in one, two or three axis configurations, the finger operated range has a choice of ergonomic handle styles to enable superb proportional control.

Our range of rugged joystick controllers are designed for the more demanding installations found within operator cabs for off-highway vehicles. They provide smooth, precise control of critical functions within a working cab environment that can be subject to extreme temperatures, vibration and shock. A choice of joystick grips and handles complement the rugged joystick range.


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Industrial Joysticks

Industrial joysticks are used worldwide as a control concept for interfacing with machines. At Curtiss Wright we provide a diverse range of joysticks to fit every application, to ensure smooth and precise movement of critical functions. Each joystick has its own defining set of characteristics that ensure comprehensive control when matching to your application requirements.


  • Several axis options
  • Virtually infinite resolution – ensuring high accuracy and efficiency
  • Ability to function in an electronically noisy environment
  • High reliability
  • Long life expectancy
  • Variety of sizes
  • Robust design
  • Able to function in the harshest environments - temperature, shock and vibration

Single Axis, Multi-Axis & Joystick Handles & Grips

Each of Curtiss Wright’s joysticks and accompanying components are developed to ensure high accuracy. Whatever the application calls for, our range of single axis, multi-axis and joystick handles and grips are highly reliable and can be customized to suit.

Types of Joysticks

Joystick controllers offer precise movement for steering, positioning, and speed control in multiple applications. Particularly high-risk operations such as mining and excavation, marine equipment, construction, and in oil and gas exploration.

Finger Controlled Joysticks

Finger joysticks are useful when controlling precise movement and speed in sensitive applications such as robotic operations, wheelchairs, and medical instruments. Compact in size, the rugged and ergonomically designed joystick controls are rising in popularity.


Hand Grip Joysticks

Featuring hall effect sensors and control mechanisms, handgrip joysticks are versatile in a variety of applications. They're mostly used in construction machinery, robotic and farm machines, and mobile cranes. They're incredibly sturdy and offer reliability during operation, making them a popular choice for industrial applications.


Thumb Joysticks

Thumb joysticks offer precise control for portable devices or panel integration. They come in a variety of thumb control options that best suit your application. It's useful in wheelchair control, CCTV, machine control, or in environments where single or multi-axis control is needed. 


Switch Only Joysticks

Ideal for movement in various directions switch only joysticks are manually-activated and can be installed in front panels and portable equipment. A switching function is usually featured to ensure precise control and simplify control stations. It's useful in applications such as machine tools, steel, and construction equipment, mechanical engineering, and more. They offer a long service life, are compact and easily mountable onto control panels.