Multi-Axis Joystick Controllers

A diverse range of multi axis controller joysticks developed for the smooth, precise control of critical functions in a variety of vehicle and industrial applications. Each multi axis controller model has a range of selectable options for the most comprehensive matching of the joystick to your requirements. Check out our options below and find out more. 


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What is a Multi-Axis Controller?

A multi-axis controller controls the entire hardware and software structure responsible for organising complex motion. In a component like this, it’s common to have many independent axes of motion in a machine that operate independently. They provide the ultimate performance and agility for your application. A multi-axis motion controller plays a crucial part in enabling smart performance levels that are near impossible with single-axis distributed drives. They are a key asset to advanced motion control systems while running intensive data-handling applications. 

What is an axis in motion control?

An axis in motion control refers to one degree of freedom, or forward and backward motion along one direction.

Multi Axis Controller Benefits

  • Compact size
  • High speed
  • High precision
  • Shortest development time
  • Long term stable option
  • Lasting reliability
  • Cost-effective integration

Multi Axis Controller Applications

Curtiss Wright Industrial provides advanced multi-axis controllers in such applications like:

  • Robotics.
  • Packaging Machines .
  • Water Jet Cutting.
  • CNC Machines.
  • Marble Cutting.
  • Thermal Cutting.
  • Printing and Labeling Machines.
  • Woodworking Machines.