WM148 - Three-Way Pushbutton Valve

Product Brand: Williams Controls

A spring-returned, three-way push button valve.

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The WM-148 is a spring-returned, three-way pushbutton valve. This universal application valve is designed for controlling small air cylinders, relay valves, or air-operated accessories in industrial or vehicular pneumatic systems. The WM-148 is available with several different button designs and is operated manually by a button device mounted to an actuating push stem.

Push Button Valve Applications

Due to the nature of push button valves latching when operated, they are typically used for emergency stop applications on production lines. They control small air cylinders, relay valves, or air-operated accessories in industrial or vehicular pneumatic systems, such as agriculture and HVAC. 


What is a push button valve?

A push-button valve is a manual operation device to stop liquids from moving through a pipe rapidly, or when the media needs to make a directional change of flow. It is a 3 way valve that is usually mounted in control panels for manual operation from a remote area. They are spring loaded to automatically return to the off position.

What is push button actuator?

Push button actuators can be used on either individual stem operated valves or in panel mounting applications. They feature a built-in spring so the button always returns to the extended position. 

What is a 3 2 push button valve?

A 3/2-way push button valve has three ports and two positions that can be driven pneumatically, mechanically, manually or electrically via a solenoid valve. 

What is the function of the spring in the push button valve?

A valve spring in a push button valve is placed around the stem of a valve and held in place by a retainer. It’s there to control the entire valve.

WM148 - Three-Way Pushbutton Valve