DMP200 - Single-Channel Digital Panel Indicator

Product Brand: Penny & Giles

The DMP200 series consists of four universal-input digital panel indicators offering unparalleled price and performance. The use of surface-mount components and modern microprocessor technology has enabled powerful features to be packed into a standard 1/8 DIN case, with measurement performance significantly better than other indicators in their price range.

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  • Universal input
  • Isolated analogue output
  • Digital status inputs
  • Transmitter and transducer supplies
  • Four alarm set points
  • Front-panel function buttons
  • Universal mains power supply
  • Maths functions
  • Serial communications
  • Dual alarm relays
  • Compatible with Penny & Giles rotary or linear position sensors

The four models can be used for both simple ´measurement only´ applications and in more demanding situations requiring digital communications, alarms, maths functions and complex signal conditioning. The powerful menu-driven software enables fast, flexible set-up from the front panel or via the serial communications interface. No adjustment of internal trim pots, internal links or plug-in cards is necessary.

The DMP200 series is ideally suited to operate with Penny & Giles linear and rotary potentiometers, providing a 10 Vdc or 0-12 Vdc transducer supply. This model is also suited to operate with thermocouples and RTDs, as well as pressure transducers, load cells and strain gauges.

DMP200 - Single-Channel Digital Panel Indicator