Secure Truck - By-Wire Shift System

Product Brand: Arens Controls


Arens Secure Truck by-wire shift system has been developed for the fleet operator who desires an extra level of vehicle security, safety and convenience.

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The shift selector contains a dual-function keypad, allowing the operator to 'lock-out' the transmission function. Full function can be restored through the input of a 4-digit code using the numbers on the keypad. This code is customer programmable allowing a unique code for each vehicle, or the same code for all fleet vehicles. Secure Truck is available in both Park and Non-Park versions.

The Secure Truck system features:

  • Transmission functions can be disabled, enhancing vehicle security and theft deterrence.
  • Transmission functions can be disabled with the engine running so engine driven accessories (refrigeration units, cab heat, cab A/A, etc.) can be maintained.
  • Transmission function is easily restored by entering a 4-digit code.
  • Security code can be user-programmable.
  • All standard shift-by-wire system features are available with the Secure Truck version.
Secure Truck - By-Wire Shift System