Bluetooth Mouse Module

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The R-net Bluetooth Mouse Module allows a user to control a PC or Android device using the R-net system.

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R-net - A Complete Rehab Control System

  • Bluetooth communication for PC mouse control
  • Control of Android devices
  • 10m operating range
  • Small, robust module
  • Compatible with all R-net Input Devices
  • External Switch Inputs
  • Programmable user preferences
  • Easy set-up

The R-net Bluetooth Mouse Module allows a user to control a PC or Android device using the R-net system. Once set up, any R-net Input Device e.g. a Joystick Module, can provide PC mouse control. Commands from the Joystick Module, such as speed up or speed down, automatically become mouse commands, for example left and right click.

If the wheelchair user operates the chair using a head array via the R-net Omni; then, when in Bluetooth Mouse Mode, activating the switches in the head array can correspond to programmed mouse functions.

The module contains two jack-socket inputs that can be programmed to allow mouse functions such as left or right click to be controlled from external switches or buttons. 

The R-net Mouse Module remembers devices it has been set up to work with - there is no connect sequence after the initial set-up has been completed. The R-net Mouse Module will operate within a 10m range of the PC it is paired with and is plug- and-play with all the other R-net modules, no hardware or software upgrades are required.

The R-net Mouse Module can also be linked with Android Devices via a downloadable App. This allows control of the Smart device, via Bluetooth, with any R-net Input Device. To read more about the R-net for Android App click here.

Product Codes:
R-net Bluetooth Mouse Module


Associated Products

R-net for Android App

The R-net for Android App allows a user to control an Android Smart device from a R-net system.

R-net - A Complete Rehab Control System

The R-net for Android App can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, for installation onto a Smart device. This allows control of the device, via Bluetooth, from any R-net Input Device.

Below is the current list of phones that work with the R-net for Android App

  • HTC Sensation and the OS is Android OS 4.0.3
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android OS 4.1.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S1 running Android OS 2.3.3
  • HTC One X running Android 4.1

The R-net for Android App places an easy-to-view cursor on the device’s screen. When the user is in Bluetooth Mode, the R-net Input Device moves the cursor around the screen. Functions such as making a call, surfing the internet or checking email can be selected by hovering the cursor over the required icon and using Input Device clicks or nudges to open it.

To view the App on Google Play... click here.

When the R-net for Android App is installed, normal operation of the Smart device is not affected. Users can touch the screen to control functions, but perhaps as they get tired during the day they switch to using the R-net for Android App instead.

There are a number of user configuration options in the R-net for Android App. For example, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the cursor as it moves around the screen, while a semi-transparent overlay can be set to provide access to the Home, Volume Max and Volume Min functions, which are normally linked to physical buttons on the phone.