Intelligent Seating/Lighting Module

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The standard R-net Intelligent Seating/lighting Module (ISM) provides unparalleled functionality and control of rehab seating and powerchair lighting functions.

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R-net - A Complete Rehab Control System

  • 8 channels
  • 12 programmable axes
  • Display and actuator mapping for each axis
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple actuators
  • Programmable speeds in each direction
  • Programmable start and stop rates
  • StVZO lighting control
  • Brake light/horn output

The standard R-net Intelligent Seating/lighting Module (ISM) provides unparalleled functionality and control. Up to twelve independent axes of motion, using single or multiple actuators, may be defined for each system. The actuators used and the display indication for each axis are programmable. A total of eight seat adjustment actuators can be driven at independently programmable speeds and with interlocking signals - for instance, preventing further recline if the seat is already tilted beyond a certain point. To further enhance user comfort, the actuator acceleration and deceleration rates are also programmable. The maximum actuator current is 12A, although this can be increased to 15A at slower speeds. End-stop detection is optional between limit switches or current detection, the levels of which are programmable.

The ISM contains two extremely versatile inhibit inputs. These can be programmed to provide varying levels of speed reduction, full drive inhibits or prevention of movement of seat adjustment motors.

Lighting and turn signal indicators are mandatory for most European markets and their safety requirements, which are based on the automotive industry, are tough to meet. Nevertheless, the ISM complies with all relevant standards and includes features such as 12V control of lamps and turn signal fault detection, as well as offering a unique brake light function. Alternatively, the brake light output can be programmed to drive a high-volume, external horn in response to the horn button on a Joystick Module.

Product Codes:
R-net ISM-2L 2-channel Intelligent Seating/lighting Module
R-net ISM-4L 4-channel Intelligent Seating/lighting Module
R-net ISM-6L 6-channel Intelligent Seating/lighting Module
Cable must be ordered separately: 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.0m or 2.5m


Intelligent Seating/Lighting Module