S-Drive - Mobility Scooter Controller

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The S-Drive mobility scooter controller is an advanced and cost-effective solution available to date, offering major enhancements in performance and function.

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  • S-Drive Scooter ControllerAdvanced drive algorithm
  • Choice of power ratings
  • Freewheel speed limit
  • Electronics sealed to IPX5
  • Connections sealed to IPX4 with optional cover
  • Extremely compact with very small footprint
  • Industry-standard connectors across the entire range
  • Programmable diagnostic output
  • System log - provides a record of all trip conditions
  • Hours run timer function
  • SP1 or PC Programming
  • TÜV approved
  • Designed to ISO7176/14 and EN12184

The S-Drive mobility scooter controller family is the most advanced and cost-effective solution available to date, offering major enhancements in performance and function. It is suitable for the entire range of mobility scooters and similar electric vehicles. The S-Drive combines the proven reliability of PG Drives Technology design with all of the safety features expected from such a respected mobility electronics manufacturer

The on-board diagnostic system can store and display status information not only for the S-Drive itself, but also for the other electrical components on the scooter. The electronics of the S-Drive are sealed against water ingress to IPX5, and when the optional connector sealing system is fitted the cable connections are protected to IPX4. This allows the S-Drive to operate safely and reliably in the harshest environmental conditions.

The mobility scooter controllers features include: - diagnostics logs, brake light operation, freewheel speed limit function and extensive audible and visual diagnostic alarm capabilities.

Standardisation of connectors means that the same tiller, brake and charge /programming connectors can be used across the entire product range.

The S-Drive is available in 45A, 70A, 90A, 120A, 140A and 200A power versions, and employs the very latest in motor control algorithms.

Product Codes:
S45 45A Max. Current
S70 70A boost, 60A Max. Current
S90 90A boost, 60A Max. Current
S120 120A boost, 110A Max. Current
S140 140A boost, 130A Max. Current
S200 200A boost, 180A Max. Current
Sealing Covers
S Cover S45/S70/S90 Water resistant sealing system
S Cover S120/S140 Water resistant sealing system
S Cover S200 Water resistant sealing system