VR2 - Lighting Control

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

Lighting Module, to be used in conjunction with appropriate Joystick Module and Power Module.

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VR2 Control System

  • Complies with German StVZO regulations
  • Modular system that is easy to upgrade
  • Smart electronics eliminate the need for external fuses
  • Extremely simple installation
  • Push-fit connector sysytem

The VR2 lighting system consists of a Joystick Module, a Power Module and a Lighting Module. This configuration offers a cost-effective, elegant solution to control lights, turn indicators and hazard lamps. The system provides constant brightness lamp control and turn indicator fault detection in compliance with the German StVZO standard, which is mandatory for all outdoor powerchairs in that marketplace.

The user is given both audible and visual feedback for any successful button actuation, and visual feedback for any fault condition that may arise, such as a failed turn indicator. The buttons have been carefully positioned so that the turn indicators can be operated when driving, while familiar automotive standard icons give a clear indication of each button's function.

Existing VR2 applications can be upgraded to provide lighting control by simply changing the Joystick Module and adding a Lighting Module. There is no need to change the Power Module, meaning more efficient inventory and spare part management.

Lighting Product Codes

Product Codes:
VR2 LM VR2 Lighting Module

Lighting Configuration Options

Configuration Options:
Configuration A VR2 JSM, VR2 PMxx and VR2 Dual
Configuration B VR2 JSM-A, VR2 PMxx-Ay and VR2 Dual
Configuration C VR2 JSM-L, VR2 PMxx, LM and VR2 Dual
Configuration D VR2 JSM-A-L, VR2 PMxx-Ay, LM and VR2 Dual
xx = power rating - 50A, 60A, 70A & 90A
yy = number of actuators - 1 or 2
Configuration A Configuration B
Configuration C Configuration D

Patent No.

UK: 2 381 675 B | 2 390 493 B
US: 6, 593, 711, B2