C3-CE - AC Motor Controller

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The C3-CE is the first in a new line of AC motor controllers designed specifically to the requirements of EN ISO 13849.

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Compact & Cost-Effective

  • All modern pallet truck functionality as standard
  • 200Arms and 250Arms traction power options
  • Compatible with all AC induction motors
  • EN ISO 13849 Category 3 hardware architecture
  • Dual microprocessors
  • Dual inputs
  • B+Safe high-side supply
  • 5V and 12V supplies
  • CANopen comms
  • 35-way AMPSEAL connector
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Designed to the requirements of EN ISO 13849, EN 1175-1 and UL 583
  • CE marked as a safety component

World-Class Safety

Featuring EN ISO 13849 Category 3 hardware architecture, including dual microprocessors, dual inputs and a dedicated B+Safe output, this extension to PGDT’s high performing, compact and cost-effective C3 family will provide vehicle OEMs with one of the world’s safest controllers for Class 3 trucks.

Dual Inputs

The C3-CE features twelve dedicated digital inputs that can be individually switched to 0V, open-circuit, B+ or a combination of these options to provide the active state. Flexible, yet simple programming facilitates up to six dual paths for safety functions such as ‘prevention of travel’ and ‘tiller control’, both of which are listed in ‘EN1175-1:1998+A1:2010 Safety of industrial trucks – Electrical requirements – Part 1: General requirements for battery powered trucks’. Single input, Category 2 architectures like those currently adopted by other controller suppliers, require the safety function to be checked at ‘machine start-up’ and ‘prior to the initiation of any hazardous situation’. For typical pallet trucks this is inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Register to receive a free copy of EN ISO19849 Technical Safety ManualPGDT’s Category 3 dual input design provides a safer and more convenient approach. The C3-CE also features a dual path analog input that accepts multiple types of throttle connections, including 2- or 3-wire resistive and voltage, for maximum safety and wiring simplicity.

To register for your free copy of the EN ISO13849 Technical Safety Manual, please click here.


Four 2A outputs and one 3A output allow control of line and lift contactors, a lower valve, plus an electro-magnetic brake. All outputs are protected against wiring errors and contain coil suppression circuits, meaning external diodes are not required. The C3-CE also incorporates an innovative B+Safe high-side coil supply that electrically isolates all of the low-side switches in the event of a hardware or safety function failure.

Product Codes:
C3-CE-200 200Arms traction drive
C3-CE-250 250Arms traction drive