Hybrid Traction Vehicle Inverter

Product Brand: Arens Controls

The WTI-Traction Inverter series, S160, S260 & D260, offers state-of-the-art technology and innovative design for use in hybrid and pure-electric applications.

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vehicle inverter: functionality & power

The hybrid vehicle inverter operates with multiple motor technologies, including AC induction, permanent-magnet synchronous (PMS) and interior permanent-magnet (IPM) types. Major components – insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), capacitors, filters and circuit boards – are all automotive-grade and certified to AEC-Q100, Q101 and Q200 to ensure electrical reliability and an impressive power-cycle rating in excess of 7 million.


  • 360-600Vdc supply, 160-406KVA peak power
  • Efficient control of AC induction, PMS and IPM motors
  • Heavy-duty, automotive-grade components throughout
  • Accurate, fast current and internal temperature measurement
  • Rated to over 7 million power cycles
  • Field-oriented control with space-vector modulation
  • Torque, speed and DC bus voltage control modes
  • Customizable vehicle interface
  • Versatile, dual CAN bus communications
  • Rugged, die-cast aluminum construction, sealed to IP67/69K
  • Automotive-grade connectors
  • Touch-proof high-voltage connectors


Model WTI-S160 WTI-S260 WTI-D260
Variant 360VDC Single 600VDC Single 600VDC Dual
Input Voltage Up to 425 Vdc Up to 800 Vdc Up to 800 Vdc
Continuous Current Limits*1 300Arms (225A DC Input) 300Arms (300A DC Input) 300Arms (300A DC Input)
Peak Phase Current 440Arms*2 / 360Arms*3 475Arms*2 / 385Arms*3 475Arms*2 / 385Arms*3
Max Phase Current 540Arms*4 600Arms*4 600Arms*4
Continuous Input Power*1 80KW at 360Vdc 195KW at 650Vdc 195KW at 650Vdc
Peak Power*2 208KVA, 360Vdc, 440Arms 406KVA, 650Vdc, 475Arms*5 406KVA, 650Vdc, 475Arms*5
Max Power*4 255KVA, 360Vdc, 540Arms 512KVA, 650Vdc, 600Arms*6 512KVA, 650Vdc, 600Arms*6


  1. Rated at 1 hour operation
  2. Rated at 2MM power cycle life, 2KHz switching, >50Hz for 5 minutes
  3. Rated at 2MM power cycle life, 6KHz switching, >200Hz for 10 minutes
  4. Rated at 150,000 power cycle life, 2KHz switching, >50Hz for 1 minute
  5. Input: 700A for 5 minutes, 455KW at 650Vdc
  6. Input: 1000A for 1 minute, 650KW at 650Vdc

**All valves at 40°C ambient and 55°C coolant. Max coolant temp 65°C.**

Vehicle Inverter: Operation, Connection & Mechanism

Inverter Operation & Components

WTI-Traction Inverters offer a high level of self-protection with both current and transistor temperature measuring locally to the IGBTs, rather than through remote components.

This technique delivers fast and accurate temperature measurements, offering effective protection against adverse high-current conditions including short-circuit or thermal overload.

Advanced motor control algorithms using field-oriented control with space-vector modulation, combined with a 2-10kHz variable switching frequency means high operating efficiency and increased operation time.

Inverter Connection Options

Additionally, WTI-Traction Inverters offer a versatile connection to master control systems by either standard J1939 or customer-specific CANbus protocols.

A customizable discrete interface also supports various control options:

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Solenoid-drive

Inverter Mechanism Benefits

A die-cast enclosure and proven, vehicle-grade connectors provide a high level of mechanical robustness, while environmental ratings of IP67 and IP69K mean the units are protected against ingress of liquids and dust.

High-voltage connectors are electrically-safe, touch-proof and rapidly discharge internal high voltages at shutdown.


A fundamental frequency up to 1000Hz allows these inverters to drive high pole-pair, high-speed motors, which are popular in hybrid applications.

A torque motor-control mode is also available for hybrid applications, speed mode for pure-electric applications or DC bus voltage mode. In DC bus voltage mode, the inverter can moderate adverse and damaging voltages resulting from situations including regenerative braking from high speed.

Vehicle inverters are found in many automobile applications; some application examples include:


  • Commercial vehicles - Cars
  • Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks
  • Municipal Buses
  • Hybrid Systems
  • School and Coach Buses
  • Motor Coaches
  • Military Vehicles
  • Specialty Vehicles

Inverters - FAQs

What is a traction inverter?

A traction inverter converts DC (direct current) power from a high voltage onboard battery into AC (alternating current) power to drive an electric vehicle’s motors. Additionally, traction inverters perform functions such as regenerative braking and switch protection.


What is the difference between converters and inverters?

The difference between converters and inverters is the conversion:

  • Converters are electrical devices that convert the voltage from AC to DC.
  • Inverters are electrical devices that convert the voltage from DC to AC.