C3-36V - AC Motor Controller

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The C3-36V is a compact and cost-effective AC motor controller for small Industrial vehicles.

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Compact & Cost-Effective

  • 36V AC traction controller, particularly suitable for ride-on floorcare machines
  • 200Arms motor output
  • Compatible with all AC induction motors
  • Versatile throttle & brake pedal inputs
  • Three coil outputs
  • Intelligent Hill-Hold function
  • Programmable start-up sequence options
  • Low battery management
  • CANopen comms
  • On-board Status LEDs
  • Integrated service timers
  • Sealed to IPx5
  • Designed to the requirements of EN60335-2-72 and UL583

Powerful and Versatile

Although primarily intended as an advanced, cost-effective, AC traction controller for floorcare machines, the 36V motor controller variant of PGDT’s C3 range is equally suitable for other small, ride-on vehicles. Flexible, yet simple programming means the controller is compatible with all types of AC induction motor, while a dedicated thermistor input allows motor temperature and the power to the motor to be reduced if it is becoming too warm.

Robust & Compliant

The innovative construction methods employed by the 36V motor controller ensure reliable and repeatable assembly of the electronic enclosure, which results in consistent protection of the electronic circuits from the environment and efficient transfer of heat to the baseplate. The design is compliant with all relevant international floorcare vehicle standards, e.g. EN60335-2-72 and uses UL approved materials throughout, taking into account the critical dimensions defined in UL583.

Product Codes:
C3-200-CAN 36V 200Arms traction drive