C3 - AC Motor Controller

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The C3 is a compact and cost-effective AC motor controller for small Industrial vehicles.

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Compact & Cost-Effective

  • Suitable for walkie and ride-on vehicles
  • 200Arms and 250Arms AC motor control power options
  • Compatible with all AC induction motors
  • Auto-commission for efficient motor matching
  • Motor thermistor input
  • Switched or proportional hydraulic control
  • Five protected 2A outputs
  • Intelligent Hill-Hold function
  • Lift Contactor drive
  • Software interlocking of drive and hydraulics
  • Sophisticated low battery management
  • Integrated service timers
  • Handheld or PC programming options
  • Electronics protected to IP65
  • Designed to meet EN1175, EN12895
    and UL583 requirements

Powerful and Versatile

Although primarily intended for Class 3, pallet truck type applications, the C3 AC motor controller is equally suitable for small ride-on machines. Two versions are available – 200Arms and 250Arms – thereby allowing the most cost-effective solution for an application. Flexible, yet simple programming means the C3 AC motor controllers are compatible with all types of AC induction motors; while a dedicated thermistor input allows motor temperature to be measured and the power to the motor to be reduced if it is becoming too warm.

Simple Motor Matching

For ease of installation and efficient performance, C3 AC motor controllers can be ‘matched’ to any AC induction motor, using an auto-commissioning sequence. This simple 3-step process is launched via the C3 PC Programmer. No specialist measuring equipment is required, just the basic motor ‘nameplate’ data. Once commissioning has been completed on the first vehicle, the C3 programming file can be saved, copied and then written to other vehicles equipped with the same motor type, greatly reducing set-up time.

Product Codes:
C3-200 200Arms drive, switched hydraulic control
C3-250 250Arms drive, switched hydraulic control
Add ‘-CAN’ Accepts CAN tiller signals, proportional hydraulic control