Sigmadrive - AC Induction & DC Motor Controllers

Sigmadrive is a range of advanced, high efficiency controllers for AC induction and DC motors that use Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) technology to provide superior performance and exceptional reliability.

The Sigmadrive family of speed controllers for induction motors and ancillary products have been developed for use in a wide range of electric vehicle applications such as Materials Handling, Airport Ground Support, Industrial, Utility and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. Sigmadrive controllers possess many features and capabilities that will benefit the electric vehicle designer.

Sigmadrive is available in 3 frame sizes covering AC induction and most DC motor types, for traction, pump and power steering functions over a wide range of battery voltages and power outputs.

Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) technology is fully utilized to provide superior thermal performance and exceptional reliability. The innovative design eliminates all internal links and interconnections, and provides integral heat sinking for all components and terminals. This increases reliability and enables Sigmadrive to provide a higher continuous current and smaller physical size than other controllers of the same power rating.

Sigmadrive controllers are designed for use in the challenging environments typical of electric vehicles, providing excellent protection against dust and water in an incredibly low profile, rugged package.

CANbus communication as standard allows safe and reliable vehicle operation. Dual traction applications for all Sigmadrive variants can easily be configured using two individual traction controllers linked by CANbus. Multiple Sigmadrives can be interfaced via the CANbus to provide control of all vehicle functions, and also allows direct interfacing with the ancillary products such as the Sigmagauge LCD vehicle display, Sigma I/O modules and other third party equipment to ensure easy system building.

Sigmadrive based systems can be quickly configured using the powerful Hand Held Programmer, this device allows easy set-up using "real" units such as Volts, Hz, Amps and Seconds.

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