Trio+HD - Floorcare Machine Control System

Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

The Trio+HD is perhaps the most advanced controller available to floorcare machine OEMs today, offering major enhancements in reliability, performance and function.

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  • 150A traction output
  • 100A brush output
  • 50A vacuum output
  • Brush deck position control
  • Auto-squeegee control
  • Solution pump and valve control
  • M6 bolt connector system
  • Battery management
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Optional LCD display

The Trio+ HD integrated floorcare motor control system performs all the functions required of large pedestrian and small-to-medium ride-on scrubber dryers. The powerful configuration software offers a huge amount of programmable parameters, which allow the operation of the various output devices to be defined exactly. This approach provides the flexibility that floorcare OEMs require to incorporate the functionality unique to their machines, and effectively create their own bespoke control system using an established product.

Trio+ HD is easily the most popular integrated control system on the market today, and is used by the vast majority of the world's floorcare machine manufacturers.

Since its introduction in 2000, nearly every new ride-on auto scrubber design has used the Trio+ HD controller to provide reliable, solid state control of all vehicle functions. On most applications, no other electronic components at all are required.

The Trio+ HD variant uses M6 threaded bolts for all motor connectors as an alternative to the push-fit crimp system still available on the original Trio+. This allows the use of low-cost, commonly available ring crimps and lowers the overall installation height required, as there is no need to allow for the bend radius of the cables.

All other functionality remains the same as Trio+.

Product Codes:
T+HD50 50A Drive
T+HD100 100A Drive
T+HD150 150A Drive
floorcare machine control system