Linear Transducers, Position Sensors, & Potentiometers

  • A wide range of linear position sensors, linear displacement transducers and linear potentiometers that offer stroke length measurements from 0.2" (5mm) to 78.7" (2000mm). We use technologies that include potentiometric, inductive, and Hall effect, packaged in rugged housings, with mountings that give the user a wide range of flexible installation options. 

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Linear Potentiometers: Purpose, Application & Functionality

Linear potentiometers are a type of variable resistance sensor, designed to measure the displacement of a slider or wiper in a linear direction. Also known as a slider or pot, linear potentiometers produce a changing rate of resistance, dependent on the position of a slider or wiper. A linear taper potentiometer is usually made up of three pins that adjust to a flow of voltage, and produce a regulated voltage output relevant to its sliding components. Linear potentiometers can be applied in a vast range of industries, including farm equipment, industrial processing, marine and medical sectors. 

Types of Linear Sensors

At Curtiss-Wright, we provide a range of linear potentiometers, transducers and position sensors. All have many similarities, including long operational life, highly reliable, and suit the harshest of environments.

(LVDT) Transducers

The technology inside an LVDT transducer differs from linear potentiometers. A nickel-iron core with wire coils decides the voltage output and converts it to an electrical source of energy. The central position of the nickel-iron core then controls the movement of the selected object. LVDTs tend to have a marginally longer life expectancy than linear potentiometers. However, they can be a more costly option due to their contactless nature.

Linear Potentiometers

Linear potentiometers are contacting sensors that tend to have a shorter life expectancy than LVDTs. But their lack of electronics means it is often the more effective solution for an application.  

Benefits of both:

  • Able to function in the most hostile environments
  • High accuracy
  • Frictionless operation
  • Long life expectancy
  • Wide operating temperature range 



Spring-loaded Linear Potentiometers

Spring-loaded linear potentiometers operate by measuring the linear motion or position of a target. With the facility for single or dual electrical output, the HLP190FS(BS) model features a spring-loaded operating shaft, that offers an excellent life expectancy of up 100 million life cycles. It also features an infinite resolution, meaning maximum accuracy and response. Dependent on the application, stroke length is available in a variety of sizes. The compact size is suited to a wide range of applications, including automotive, industrial, aerospace and more sectors.


  • Stroke lengths from 25 to 150mm
  • Virtually infinite resolution
  • Single or dual output
  • Compact size
  • CE approved
  • Mounted via flange (FS) or body clamp (BS)
  • Life expectancy greater than 100 million operations (50 x 106 cycles) at 25mm stroke length
  • Operation temperature -30 to +85