SLS190 - Linear Displacement Sensor

Product Brand: Penny & Giles

The SLS190 is a range of linear displacement sensors designed to provide maximum performance benefits within an extremely compact size, in stroke lengths from 25 to 350mm.


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Displacement Sensors: Purpose & Functionality

A displacement sensor is a device that measures the distance between the sensor and an object. It does so by detecting the amount of displacement and converting it into a distance. A displacement sensor’s working principle is using laser displacement. First, laser light is focused through the emitting lens and projected on an object. Then some of the light beams are reflected and produce a light spot on the position sensing device. When the object moves, the PSD moves as well.

Displacement Sensor Features

  • Short body to stroke length
  • Sealing to IP66 and corrosion-resistant rod-end bearings
  • Cable assembly integrally moulded
  • Reduced weight
  • A preferred range of configurations are available from stock in the UK
  • CE approved
  • Interchangeable with Penny & Giles HLP190/SA linear potentiometer

Displacement Sensor Benefits

  • Reduced installation space
  • Suitable for hostile environments
  • Excellent strain relief with secure sealing
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • Eliminates customer inventory
  • Confidence in EMC performance

Using the proven benefits of Hybrid Track Technology and including a number of unique design features, the SLS190 linear displacement sensor is ideally suited to high volume OEM manufacturers, where high performance and reliability with competitive pricing and rapid despatch has paramount importance.

Choice of mounting: Many mounting options include self-aligning bearings, body clamp kits, and flange mounting kits. Spring-loaded shaft operation is offered.

Displacement Sensor Applications

Displacement sensors are available in different types, shapes, and sizes to suit specific applications and a wide range of purposes. Below are a few examples.

  • Thickness
  • Height and step
  • Outer diameter
  • Warpage and Flatness
  • Stroke and positioning
  • 3D Shape


What are the types of displacement sensors?

There are two main types of displacement sensors that use either contacting or non-contacting technologies. They measure movement in a linear or rotary motion dependent on the application’s need. 

What is a displacement and position sensor?

A displacement and position sensor is a component used for measuring positional movement. Tracked in a linear or rotary fashion, it’s a component capable of detecting the movement of a specified object.

UK Stock Availability

See our AVAILABILITY SUPPLEMENTfor preferred configurations available from stock in the UK. Other configurations are available but minimum order quantities and extended lead times may apply.