VTS Series Tilt Sensors

Purpose, functionality, application

Our Tilt Sensors are designed for dynamic applications in industrial vehicles and typically monitor machine position for operational functions such as stability. This helps to maintain a safe working environment and improve efficiency by; identifying functionality that could be harmful to the operator, monitoring tip-over, sway and instability caused by wind or pendulum effects, and by monitoring performance.

Features & Functionality: Fast Vibration filtering & thermal compensation

The VTS series was designed specifically to address issues associated with dynamic motion. MEMS accelerometers are prone to errors caused by parasitic vibration, noise and acceleration not relative to gravity. Pendulum style accelerometers can overcome some of this by operating in a heavily damped medium at the expense of response time.

The VTS series avoids both of these limitations by using IMU technology and advanced filtering algorithms to quickly filter out disturbances to output true tilt data. In addition, every device is thermally calibrated to remove errors associated with thermal drift, providing reliable tilt measurement across the operating temperature range.
Our use of the latest in IMU technology and advanced filtering ensure a high degree of vibration-tolerance, combined with thermal calibration (<0.004°/K) that surpasses other industrial tilt sensors.

*The STT Tilt Sensor series is now obselete and superseeded by the VTS.


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Penny & Giles


From use in Aerial Work Platforms or Mobile Cranes to Earth Movers and Industrial Lift Trucks, our tailor-made Tilt Sensors are developed to provide a high degree of accuracy, reliability and durability.

Agriculture Brochure Pdf DownloadAerial Work Platforms

Stability and safety are core requirements when working at a height, especially on an aerial work platform.  Our sensors monitor machine position as part of its safe working envelope calculations, enabling detection of a potentially unstable position. This data is vital to implementing corrective action to ensure machine stability or prevent system operation that would de-stabilise the platform and result in tip-over, protecting the operator.


Telehandler operators are faced with overcoming the problem of load stability while traversing uneven terrain, something possible with the aid of our sensors. If fitted with a work platform, they also need to provide the same safety provisions as Aerial Work Platforms.

VTS Applications Brochure - Cranes - Pdf DownloadMobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes are faced with sway and instability caused by the pendulum effect of the load as the crane moves or the crane arm swings.

Operators must also be aware of subsidence, caused by motion/position of the load, weakness in the terrain can cause it to sink. This can make a big difference to the safe range of the crane but can be offset by auto-correction of the hydraulics, or detection of chassis tilt combined with extension inhibiting, similar to the method used in Aerial Work Platforms.

Our sensors communicate with electronic anti-sway systems prevent or dampen any sway produced as a result of crane movement.

Loaders and Excavators

Our sensors help increase operational efficiency and performance in Earth Movers such as Loaders, Dumpers and Excavators, allowing position to be accurately monitored while maximising the benefits associated with automated and semi-automated processes, such as a correctly calibrated return-to-dig function, reducing cycle times and allowing for pre-programmed bucket positions.


In Dumpers our sensors form part of the systems used to monitor performance with the goal of improving machine product life cycle value.

Industrial Lift Trucks & Forklift Trucks

In Industrial Lift Trucks  our tilt sensors work in conjunction with other position sensors, such as Curtis-Wright’s range of rotary sensors, to monitor machine position, motion and loading. This data is vital to implementing corrective action to ensure machine stability or prevent system operation that would de-stabilise the vehicle or load and result in tip-over, enhancing site safety.

Forestry, Material Handling and Agriculture

The performance, reliability and durability of our sensors makes them well suited to the dynamic nature of  vehicles within the forestry market, such as feller bunchers, material handling market, such as port machinery and truck mounted cranes, and agricultural market, such as crop sprayers and hedge cutters, where accurate position measurement is an important aspect of vehicle performance.

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