MC0930 - C-Frame Solenoid

Product Brand: Penny & Giles

Model MC0930 C-Frame solenoid utilizes a C shaped steel frame 30mm x 33mm x 34mm and Ø9mm plunger.

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  • Pull or thrust types available
  • Flying leads or tags
  • Optional voltage ratings
  • AC option available
  • 30mm x 33mm x 34mm
  • 100% power 9.0 Watts dc
  • 0.5N force at 10mm stroke

The Penny & Giles C-Frame solenoids are high quality, with a good performance - but are not as magnetically efficient as equivalent sized D-Frame solenoids. However, the lower cost makes them an ideal choice for many high volume motion control and automation applications.

MC0930 - C-Frame Solenoid