Mechanical Cable Transmission Shifter Controls

At Curtiss Wright Industrial Group we offer a broad selection of mechanical cable-operated transmission shifter controls for controlling automatic and hydrostatic transmissions. The range includes: 


  • Powershift Transmissions Controls
  • Controls for Pumps & Motors
  • Manual Transmission Shifters

These controls are available in both single- and dual-lever configurations, depending on the application requirements.



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Curtiss Wright sells a range of vehicle controls to fit all of your requirements, including options such as single- & dual-lever controls and custom mounting configurations.


The T12 & T20 Powershift Transmissions controls are designed for mechanical

actuation of cables connected to hydrostatic valves. Both styles are ‘Return To Neutral’ levers; when the operator takes their hand off the lever, the back pressure from the hydrostatic valve system will pull the lever back to the Neutral position.


Also on offer are the T50 & T60 series controls are designed for mechanical control of variable displacement pumps and motors. The levers allow for infinite positioning and are easily adjusted by the operator with a locking feature. 

The T75 Automatic Transmission Shifter allows manual control of automatic transmissions. It is stylish with durable, long-life construction and the compact design contains many features required in modern vehicles. It can be adapted to fit specific applications and environments with a number of design and electrical options. 

The T83 Automatic Transmission Shifter is manufactured to the highest standards with customizable handles. It is an economical, reliable and adaptable solution for vehicle OEMs that use Mechanically Actuated Automatic Transmissions. In addition, the T83 display can be modified to reflect different transmission points required by the vehicle application.


  • Aircraft tow tractors
  • Cargo loaders
  • Hydraulic cranes
  • Lift/Reach trucks
  • Log skidders
  • Mine loaders
  • Motor graders
  • Railway equipment
  • Variable displacement pumps & motors
  • Variable torque converters
  • Engine throttle & governors


At Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division we believe in developing technology-based solutions in partnership with our customers – many of our products are custom-built for specific applications. We supply the legacy brands of:

Providing components and sub-systems which enable customer-specific solutions for on- and off-highway vehicles. We strive for the best solutions, from design and manufacturing to prompt, on-time delivery with operational excellence and world-class service.



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