WM-H10 - Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor

WM-H10 - Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor

The WM-H10 shaft-operated Rotary Position Sensor is a solid-state, Hall-effect sensor offering two independent and electrically isolated outputs in a compact housing with integrated connector.

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WM-H10 - Non-Contact, Rotary Position Sensor

  • Non-contacting Hall-effect technology
  • Measurement angle 15-360°
  • Dual output – electrically isolated Hall-sensing elements
  • Independent 5V supply
  • 6mm D-profile shaft
  • Fail-safe outputs
  • Environmentally robust
  • Packard Electric ‘Metri-Pack’ 150 series connector

The two independent measuring circuits, each with its own +5Vdc power supply connection, enable the use of algorithms that compare the signals for error checking. By utilising the first output signal as the source of rotational motion detection and the second signal for diagnostic purposes, comparing the positional data from both outputs, signal veracity can be determined, meaning high-performing, safety-critical applications can easily be addressed. Further integrity is provided as the outputs enter pre-defined states in the event of connection errors to the sensor

The robust mechanical design offers exceptional levels of performance with respect to water and dust, shock, vibration and temperature, meaning the sensor is ideal for use in hostile, on- and off-highway vehicle environments.

Connection to the WM-H10 is via the industry-standard, Packard Electric ‘Metri-Pack’ 150 series of connectors, which offer high-reliability performance across all operating conditions.

PDFs: WM-H10-06-18.pdf WM-H10-Technical-Information-06-18.pdf

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